The strength of our program comes from the committed coaches at VaultWorX. The coaches work hard to develop and teach a systematic and defined program. We are constantly tweaking the system to improve our results.

Founded VaultWorX in 2010. The club grew organically. At first a few kids getting together in Coach Matt's backyard, until now, when we have hundreds (if not thousands) of alumni all around the country.

Coach Matt's main desire when he started as a coach fresh out of college, was to just help a few kids at the local high school. Those first few kids turned out to break records and win some state medals. From Coach Matt:

"I have been very fortunate to get incredibly good mentoring from some incredible coaches. The biggest thank you would go to Bob Phillips from Virginia Tech, who has generously poured countless hours into giving feedback and guidance to our program and technical model. I was blessed with several other high school coaches who influenced me a great deal. Coach Art Harrington from Solanco High School, recruited a kid from a hall to come try pole vaulting in his junior year...that literally changed my life. Coach McLaughlin - Cedar Cliff, great friend and an incredible all-round coaching mentor for 20 years at Cedar Cliff."

Coach Matt has notably coached MANY accomplished athletes. Katie Jones was a New Balance National Champion with 13'9.5. In the first three months of 2021 alone, he coached 3 different male athletes to 16'. The program has consistently produced a 13' female vaulter each of the last 5 or 6 years...with numerous girls jumping over 13'6+". The program has produced all 4 current or past PA State Meet Outdoor Records. And one of the two PA Indoor Records. We have literally lost count of the number of State Champs and other State Meet Records from MD and PA. And many, many other high school achievements like multiple Penn Relays Champs, and multiple Milrose Games Champs. Many athletes have gone on to esteemed collegiate careers at all levels. Most recently in 2021, D1 Freshman Sydney Horn - High Point University with Coach Scott Houston, jumped 14'5.5 to claim 3rd at the D1 NCAA Championships. Katie Jones as Big 10 Champ. And many, many others...




PA State Champ and Indoor State Meet Record holder, and High School All American, placing 3rd at New Balance Nationals as a Junior. Like many athletes, Sydney lost her Senior Season. She did not let that discourage her as she went on to jump 14'5.5" at the D1 NCAA Championship Meet and placed 3rd and becoming an D1 All American as a freshman! Sydney has been a highly effective coach. She understands the VaultWorX model and is highly effective in coaching and motivating young athletes with her coaching style. Sydney coaches throughout the year, including regular sessions and camps.

Olivia is considered by Coach Concannon as the original VaultWorX athlete. Back when Olivia was a 7th grader, I was planning on leaving coaching completely after that Spring Season. I had announced my intentions to all. Coach Roseberry asked me as a favor (wink, wink) to work with a middle schooler who was coming up to just get her started. Olivia even then, was the extremely rare athlete that every coach prays for...physically talented and had a great hard working attitude. She jumped 9' that summer. Move forward like 5 years to the beginning of Olivia's Senior year. Olivia had already jumped 11'6 and had won multiple State medals. A pole vaulter named Kathleen McPhillips from Carlisle was also entering her Senior year. Kathleen had jumped 9'3" one time in her career. Kathleen called me out of the blue and asked, "Coach Concannon, do you think I could come work with you guys this Fall?" Now, I had already mentioned to Olivia earlier that year, that thank god that Kathleen did not have a lot of coaching, because she was physically one of the most talented athletes that I had ever seen in PA. I hesitantly asked Olivia how she would feel if Kathleen came and worked with us. Without any hesitation, Olivia said that that would be fine. Kathleen was the last of the "original 12" who started VaultWorX. By the end of that year, Kathleen had jumped 12'1" and in a bit of a twist of fate, Olivia and Kathleen became great friends and tied each other at the PIAA state meet to take 2nd place. Without Olivia, I would not have stayed in coaching. Without Olivia, I would not have challenged myself by asking, "am I a good enough coach to match her talent?" VaultWorX truly would not exist if it were not for Olivia.

Olivia, beyond being a super talented athlete, as you can tell from the story above, is a special person. She is beyond encouraging with the athletes. She is LOVED by the beginning vaulters for her encouraging style. And she has surprised me with her ability to work with the advanced vaulters as well...girls and guys.

High School: Cedar Cliff
PR: 11'7
School Record Holder - Indoor and Outdoor
Multi-year State medalist

College: Robert Morris Univesity - Student
PR: 12'8"
Indoor School Record Holder
Conference Champion